ThinPrep PAP Test


This test is only offered in the private sector.

ThinPrep PAP Test

We now perform the Gynecologic sampling at our Quebec laboratory facilities for the Thinprep Pap test and HPV analysis. Call us for an appointment.

Protect yourself against cervical cancer with the ThinPrepMD test

What is a Pap test?

A Pap test or cervical smear is a recognized screening test to detect early signs of cervical cancer, or of cells that could become cancerous. For this test, your physician lightly scrapes cervical cells and sends them to a laboratory for microscopic examination. This test allows laboratory professionals to detect early signs of cancer so that if needed, you can receive treatment before the disease progresses.

Why should I ask for a ThinPrepMD smear?

Because this is the first real improvement to the conventional Pap smear in the last 50 years. Although the doctor still removes cervical cells in the same manner, it is the way that these cells are sent to the laboratory that makes ThinPrepMD so different. With ThinPrepMD , the laboratory now has a superior quality slide for analysis and examination.

What makes the ThinPrepMD smear so different?

Once your cells have been collected, the doctor puts them in a vial of liquid rather than spreading them on a slide. Because the cells are not spread, they are not piled one on top of the other. This method also lets the doctor conserve almost the entire sample instead of just part of it. The vial is then sent to the laboratory where the cells are separated from superfluous substances such as blood and mucus. The cells are then deposited on a glass slide so that they are clearly exposed. With this method, the ThinPrepMD smear slide is easier for the lab to read.

Conventional Smear Slide

With the conventional smear method,

the cells are packed and can be masked

by blood, mucus, and inflammation.

ThinPrepMD Smear Slide

The ThinPrepMD

conserves cells and keeps cell

overlap and the presence of blood,

mucus, and inflammation to a minimum.


Is the ThinPrepMD smear more effective? 

Studies of hundreds of thousands of women have consistently shown that the ThinPrepMD is clearly more effective in detecting precancerous cells than the conventional smear. The ThinPrepMD smear is the only liquid media cytological technique approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration and by Health Canada, both of which recognize ThinPrepMD to be clearly more effective.

I feel fine; do I still need a Pap test?

Yes. Even though you feel fine, you should still have a Pap test on a regular basis. Changes can occur in the cervical cells without causing any symptoms or pain. Unless treated, even slight cellular changes can develop into cancerous cells. Early detection and treatment of any such changes can prevent more serious developments.

What if my results show that there may be a problem?

Fear of the outcome should not prevent you from having this test. Pap test results are usually normal. But should we detect a problem, your physician will be able to take immediate action and start the exact treatment you need. Remember that when detected early, cervical cancer can be cured in almost 100% of cases. This is why it is important to be tested on a regular basis.

How can I get a ThinPrepMD smear?

Nothing could be easier. Simply ask your physician to take a sample and send it to Lab Bio-Medic or call for more information.


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