Screening for Bladder and Urethra Cancer


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Screening for Bladder and Urethra Cancer

This is an effective and reliable new method of screening for bladder and urethra cancer in urine.

Together with urinary cytology, immunohistofluorescence (uCyt+) gives outstanding screening and diagnosis capability while providing excellent follow-up during treatment of the disease.

Bladder cancer is the second most prevalent urinary-tract cancer after prostate cancer. Bladder cancer is not a rare cancer, as it accounts for 3% of all cancers among adults around the age of 50. Although men are currently the most affected, this trend could be reversed due to the increasing number of women smokers.

Red-tinged urine is often the first warning sign. Even though this painless bleeding can go away, this doesn’t mean that the tumour has stopped growing. At a more advanced stage, other symptoms can appear, such as difficulty urinating, frequent micturation, a burning sensation and bladder pain.


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