IgG Food Intolerance (Type III Allergy)

IgG Food Intolerance

ImuPro is not a diagnosis of food allergies. It is highly detailed analysis of food intolerance that seeks out specific IgG antibodies for an array of foods.

Food intolerances are totally different from allergies. They occur frequently and can develop gradually over the course of a person’s life, often spontaneously. Newborn babies can already be sensitized to various foods through breast milk. Symptoms of food intolerance are complex because, unlike allergy symptoms, they are highly varied. They can even resemble allergy symptoms and often appear hours or days after the food has been ingested.

You could have intolerance for lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, yoghurt, milk and many other foods. Though you might not be aware of it immediately, food intolerance activates your immune system and brings about metabolic changes that lead to health disorders. People who have food intolerance don’t usually make the connection between their health problems and their diet: the purpose of the ImmuPro multi-test is to establish this link.